Coffee Break

The business community lives to the beat of protocol and chimes of etiquette. Business talks, conferences, meetings of the board of directors or entertaining a foreign delegation are just a few occasions when high-quality coffee breaks from Feast-Day Catering Kiev may save the day.

Making a pause in the business is often associated with the revitalizing aroma of coffee and the relaxing atmosphere of a Kiev-style coffee break, so make sure to book yours beforehand! Feast-Day Catering Kiev has a vast experience ranging from large-scale gala events to cozy breaks in the official business on the customers’ premises. When going off the record you may focus on building friendly relations with your partners and just let Feast-Day Catering Kiev take care of the rest. Please contact us in advance in order to make sure the menu of your Kiev coffee break completely reflects all the special preferences and expectations of your guests. No matter the venue, on or off the premises, we shall do our best to let you enjoy a perfect coffee break.

Knowing that even smallest things count in the overall success, we strive to make your coffee break from Feast-Day Catering Kiev both productive and enjoyable.

Sample Menu

  1. Cold dishes serving

  2. Tartines with salmon, lettuce and butter 60
  3. Tartines with chicken fillet, pickle, tomato and lettuce 60
  4. Tartines with ham and quail egg 60
  5. Tartine with italian salami, cucumber and tomato  60
  6. Sandwiches with salmon and lettuce under white sauce 60
  7. Sandwiches with butterfish, cesame seeds and lettuce under white sauce 60
  8. Sandwiches with italian salami, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and sauce 60
  9. Sandwiches with chicken fillet, pickle, tomato, lettuce and sauce 60
  10. Sandwiches with cold-backed pork, pickle, tomato, lettuce and sauce 60
  11. Baked products

  12. Assorted home-made pastry 50
  13. Mini pies with minced meat 40
  14. Puffy pies with cabbage 40
  15. Small pies with salmon 40
  16. Mini pies with mushrooms 40
  17. Khachapuri with cheese 40
  18. Mini pies with minced meat and ham 40
  19. Mini pies with potatoes 40
  20. Mini croissants with cottage cheese 50
  21. Mini croissants with chicken 50
  22. Mini croissants with juicy fruit jam 50
  23. Puffy apple pies 50
  24. Desserts

  25. Mini gateau “chocolate tartlet” 40
  26. Mini gateau “fruit tartlet” 40
  27. Mini gateau “eclaire” 40
  28. Gateau “brown potato” 40
  29. Gateau “fancy basket” 40
  30. Pile of fruit (pineapple, grapes, kiwi, orange, pears and banana) 200
  31. Beverages

  32. “Bonaqua” water, plain or sparkling 0.5
  33. Sandora juice (apple, pineapple and orange) 1 liter
  34. “Greenfield” black or green tea in teabags with lemon 200
  35. Espresso with cream 100
  36. “Borjomi” mineral water in glass bottles 0.5
  37. Orange and apple juice in glass bottles 250

Package offerings:

  • Coffee break menu – UAH 35 per person
  • Coffee break menu – UAH 55 per person
  • Coffee break menu – UAH 80 per person

The mobile unit of Feast-Day Catering is ready to deliver an enjoyable coffee break right at your door of the negotiations room or a ballroom.