Children’s parties are a great way to go back in time. However, if you want to travel with a smile just let Feast-Day Catering Kiev take care of the event. We will be delighted to treat our youngest guests with tasty and health food, fresh drinks and loads of fun. Every dish we have on the children’s menu will amuse both children and their parents. The children’s menu designed by the chef of Feast-Day Catering Kiev offers a multitude of delicious snacks and sweet treats – an indispensible part of every party. The ready-witted Kiev animators and sharp-eyed Kiev photographers not to mention the hilarious performances by professional clowns will help make your children’s party package from Feast-Day Catering Kiev simply unforgettable.More children's parties

Weddings require a special level of skill. The experts of Feast-Day Catering Kiev will be eager to share their expertise in running off-premise events. We hope that our off-premise catering services, courteous staff and extra services such as the skilled Kiev chefs, sharp-eyed Kiev photographers and Kiev sommeliers will help implement your most creative wedding ideas. No matter how you imagine your perfect wedding – onboard a ship, outdoors or amidst the wild nature – we are always be up to the challenge. Just select the place and we will take care of the rest in order to arrange a perfect celebration to help your dreams come true. The menu can be agreed beforehand over the contact numbers provided below.

Barbecue on an island within Kiev is yet another version of a perfect summer getaway. We at Feast-Day Catering Kiev know the secret of making the summer getaway memories last. If you want to escape the dull routine why not take a boat to a picturesque island? Our barbecue chefs will entertain your palate while our attendants and photographers let you enjoy the party and its lasting memories.More barbecue

Anniversaries are more than just birthdays. This is the time when you look back upon your life and set new goals to reach for. This is no place for routine and platitude. Feast-Day Catering Kiev will do whatever it takes to arrange a joyful and hassle-free celebration of your own anniversary or that special day in the life of your family member, colleague or boss. Banquets or buffet dinner parties arranged by the skilled experts of Feast-Day Catering Kiev are just the solution for such a grand occasion as anniversary.