Выездной фуршет

Одно из главных направлений любой кейтеринговой компании это организация фуршетов выездных. Фуршеты выездные позволяют проводит мероприятие на любой территории, в бизнес центре, в лесу, на даче и т.д.

Процесс поедания и дегустации блюд и различных напитков совершенно не мешает проведению деловых переговоров, поэтому многие руководители заказывают выездной фуршет в качестве сопровождения деловой встречи. В наше время выездные фуршеты являются неотъемлемым атрибутом творческой и деловой жизни, светского или официального мероприятия. В отличие от других мероприятий организация выездных фуршетов не требует собой изобретательности, чрезмерной подготовки и огромного количества обслуживающего персонала.

Успех фуршета зависит от оформленного интерьера, уровня обслуживания и соблюдения правил подачи блюд. Проведение фуршетов как правило не обходится без холодных и горячих закусок. Фуршет имеет ограничение во времени и проводится в течение часа-полтора, так как это торжество больше предполагает общение, нежели обильную трапезу.

Фуршет – вид торжества, при котором гости едят стоя, самостоятельно выбирая себе блюда и напитки. При проведении фуршетов, можно разместить в несколько раз больше гостей, чем при других торжествах. Не смотря на это организация фуршетов Киев это ответственное мероприятие, которое необходимо доверять только профессионалам.

Buffet dinner

Official reception, presentation, exhibition or celebration of successful negotiations and conferences – so many great occasions for throwing a buffet dinner, Kiev style. If you want a perfect one, you have to make absolutely sure that all the guests invited to your Kiev buffet party are treated to premium service which must be just as unobtrusive and courteous as it gets. Unlike a full-sized banquet, the footprint of a Kiev buffet dinner enables much smarter utilization of smaller office spaces. But what sets Kiev buffet dinner miles apart from the competition is the immaculate style of the events and an exquisite, deliciously laid out menu.

Off-premise buffet parties offered by Feast-Day catering let you enjoy a welcome change from the hackneyed image of a corporate party, presentation or anniversary. Our well-trained servers and highly skilled company staff will relieve you of all the burdens leaving only the sweetest moments to enjoy.

It is no secret that some of the most important decisions and deals are made while the focus is actually off business, and Kiev buffet parties are certainly in that league. Feast-Day catering will be glad to take care of all the planning and preparation inseparable from the festivities so that you and your partners could entirely enjoy the splendor of a Kiev buffet party. Moreover, we will do our best to come up with an exclusive menu, help select the best venue for the buffet dinner party and ensure that none of the special needs of our customers are left unattended.

For we know that every major success is a result of well-orchestrated effort of the Feast-Day Catering service staff. We do hope that our buffet parties will finally make a difference in your experience of celebrations and wow the guests who have come to share your special occasion.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In order to meet your highest expectations please submit your Kiev buffet party order not later than one week before the intended event date.

By ordering the servers you can be absolutely sure to be attended by the most delicate and courteous in the business. If you are short of locations we may offer you our banquet hall or just our wide selection of tableware, tablecloths and other equipment to rent.

Sample Menu

  1. Canapé

    Weight, gr.
  2. Home-style canapé with cold-baked port and cornichon 50
  3. Our specialty canapé with veal rolls 50
  4. Chicken roll and omelet canapés 60
  5. Pork roll, prune and ham canapé 60
  6. Cheese and butter canapé 50
  7. Ham and porcini canapé 45
  8. Foie gras canapé with goose pate and marinated cherry 35
  9. Ham and quail egg canapé 45
  10. Pastrami and marinated baby corn canapé 55
  11. Salted salmon and lemon canapé 50
  12. Smoked halibut and olive canapé 50
  13. “Best with Vodka” canapé with herring and marinated onions 50
  14. Red caviar canapé 45
  15. Black caviar canapé 45
  16. Tiger shrimp and avocado canapé 35
  17. Skewered Hors D’Oeuvres

  18. Marinated vegetables on a skewer (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a cornichon) 70
  19. Fresh vegetables on a skewer (sweet paprika, cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumbers and greens) 70
  20. Oriental-style eggplant roll with walnuts on a skewer 50
  21. Cherry tomatoes stuffed with chicken pate and butter served on a skewer 40
  22. Radomer cheese hearts with grape on a skewer 30
  23. Mozzarella cheese with pineapple slices and grape on a skewer 35
  24. Swiss cheese cubes with walnuts and grape on a skewer 25
  25. Prosciutto with cherry tomatoes on a skewer 40
  26. Ham rolls with Dor Blue cheese and fresh pear on a skewer 60
  27. Oriental hors d'oeuvre with smoked chicken breast and prune on a skewer 25
  28. Green olive, cherry tomato and black olive on a skewer 45
  29. Tiger shrimp in garlic butter sauce on a skewer 30
  30. Light-salted salmon with quail egg and red or black caviar on a skewer 45
  31. Smoked halibut and salmon rolls with lime and parmesan cheese on a cracker 50
  32. Rolmops herring on a skewer 50
  33. Salads in Tartlets

  34. Tartlet with grape and smoked turkey salad in mustard sauce 60/10
  35. Tartlet with cured tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and cherry tomato in Pesto sauce 60/10
  36. Tartlet with baked pumpkin and sunflower seed salad with olive and garlic sauce 60/10
  37. Tartlet with chicken and porcini salad served home-made original dressing 60/10
  38. Tartlet with home-style salad 60/10
  39. Tartlet with peach and celery salad with pine nuts 60/10
  40. Tartlet with Caesar salad with parmesan cheese 60/10
  41. Tartlet with sweet corn, cheese, fresh cucumber, apple and Bavarian mustard dressing 60/10
  42. Tartlet with calf tongue matched with fresh tomato 60/10
  43. Tartlet with smoked chicken breast with sweet paprika and fresh apple 60/10
  44. Warm Appetizers

  45. Wheat crepes stuffed with julienne of chicken 75
  46. Hot Rockford cheese in bacon with stewed dill 75
  47. Crisp chicken fingers with Chili peppers, sweet paprika and tartar sauce 75/25
  48. Poultry mini kebab with apples served on a skewer with sesame sauce 100/25
  49. Pork mini kebab with coriander sauce 60/25
  50. Calf mini kebab with guacamole sauce of avocado 65/25
  51. Far East salmon mini kebab with Dutch sauce 55/25
  52. Fresh-water catfish mini kebab in orange juice 100/25
  53. Grilled tiger shrimp with tomatoes and Parma ham served on a skewer in green wasabi sauce 50/25
  54. Mussel mini kebab in cream juice 40/15
  55. Grilled vegetables Chinese style with Chili peppers served on a skewer 70
  56. Chef’s Special Hot Buffet Offerings

  57. Baked pork with vegetables, served with brandied cherry sauce 100/25
  58. Calf leg baked in wrap of puff pastry. Served with guacamole sauce. 100/25
  59. Rack of tender New Zealand lamb baked to the old recipe with spices. Served with apple sauce. 100/25
  60. Assorted grill platter (port, veal, fillet of chicken and lamb) served with mint sauce. 100/25
  61. Roast suckling pig country style (may be served with a variety of stuffing to order). 100/50
  62. Roast turkey with fruit 100/50
  63. Beijing roasted duck 150
  64. Salmon stuffed with tiger shrimp and spinach. Served with caviar sauce (cold or warm appetizer as the client desires). 150/25
  65. Carp roasted with a vegetable mix served with cherry and currant sauce 200/25
  66. Sevan trout with roasted eggplant, feta cheese and tomato pieces in mussel and lime sauce 200/25
  67. Dorado in Parma ham porcini, spinach and fried pine nuts 200/50
  68. Dessert

  69. Tiramisu-style cake 1 kg
  70. Cheese and fruit cake 1 kg
  71. Nut cake 1 kg
  72. Assorted Petit Four pastry 25
  73. Honey Tower pastry 50
  74. Chocolate Frenzy pastry 50
  75. Assortment of fruit with a touch of fresh mint 220
  76. Assortment of exotic fruit 220
  77. Assorted fruit in fruit syrup and coconut flakes on skewers 120
  78. Watermelon cruchon with fresh fruit juice and China rose petals 250
  79. Home-Baked Products

  80. Garlic baguette 50
  81. Onion baguette 50
  82. Paprika baguette 50
  83. Paprika bun 50
  84. Whole-rye bun 50
  85. Raisin bun 50
  86. Chicken croissant 40
  87. Fruit juice croissant 40
  88. Cottage cheese and chocolate croissant 40
  89. Assorted “Grandma’s pastry” 50

Package offerings:

  • Menu buffet - UAH 130 per person
  • Menu buffet - UAH 180 per person
  • Menu buffet with alcohol - UAH 220 per person

Complete offer with prices, can be obtained by e-mail or at a meeting with project manager