Is there a perfect way to celebrate one’s birthday? What is the secret behind truly unforgettable celebrations and sincere joy of corporate mingles? Feast-Day Catering is aware of some secrets that do work. We have a profound experience of arranging most spectacular banquets in Kiev and take the notion of unique not as just a description, but as a challenge.

We have all it takes to make your celebration quite unique: exquisite menu offerings, creative ideas regarding interior decoration and a host of extra services. Feel free to choose from a wide selection of venues – splendid country residences, comfortable hotels and chic riverboats. Every banquet arranged by Feast-Day Catering has an ample bit of grandeur, a thick coat of style and a touch of magic to impress your guests.

Our Kiev banquets are run by highly professional staff so that the client could just relax and enjoy the show. Having sufficiently entertained your guests' palate you may proceed straight to diving into a sea of flowers or holding your breath at the dance of fireworks – everything to make your Kiev banquet as memorable as possible. Just rely on the expertise of Feast-Day Catering and our attention to the finest detail to make banquet event of the year.

Sample Menu

  1. Salads

    Weight, gr.
  2. Chicken, avocado and porcini salad with home-made dressing served with beads of black caviar and quail egg 150/25
  3. Caesar salad with chicken in red wine 245/20
  4. Capriccio salad with cured tomato slices (mozzarella cheese, cured tomatoes and cherry tomatoes with balsamic sauce) 222/50
  5. Greek salad with light-salted salmon and parmesan cheese 250
  6. Duck breast salad with mixed herbs, parmesan cheese with Porto sauce 230
  7. Burritos Mexican-style salad with avocado and calamari with unagi sauce 185/45
  8. Budapest salad (home-made cold-baked pork, porcini, boiled calf tongue served with fresh vegetables under horseradish sauce) 205/25
  9. Moredo salad (slightly charbroiled chicken breast with grapes and hazelnut mix under Pesto sauce) 245
  10. Salad mix with smoked eel, soy sprouts and avocado with piquant mustard dressing and Kikkoman sauce 230
  11. Salad king crab, soft-salted salmon with grapes and roasted pine nuts under cream and lemon sauce 225
  12. Ladies special salad with mango and shrimp with a touch of Tabasco sauce 240
  13. Tiger shrimp with avocado under tender cheese and cream sauce 250/30
  14. Cheese, Vegetables and Cold Meat and Fish

  15. Assorted fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet paprika, garden radish and green mix) 200
  16. Assorted cured vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, mushrooms, and sweet paprika with garlic) 200
  17. Meat platter (home-made sausage, pork roll, cold-baked pork, chicken roll with cornichons and special recipe horseradish) 100/50
  18. Chicken satsivi Adzharian-style 150
  19. Turkey fillet baked in honey glazing. Served with fresh fig and mint 75/30
  20. Sautéed eggplant with tomatoes in piquant sauce 100/25
  21. Slices of assorted quality cheese served with exotic fruit and sweet cherry jam 100/50
  22. Exquisite fish mix served with black and red caviar in home-made butter 100/20/15
  23. Seafood appetizer in dill and honey sauce served with grapefruit 200
  24. Camembert cheese with fruit salsa and starfruit 215
  25. Warm Appetizers

  26. Grilled eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes filled with cottage cheese and garlic mix 200
  27. Rabbit baked with porcini and bacon in onion and mustard sauce 150/60/30
  28. Tender pieces of veal with sautéed mushrooms in apple marmalade and rosemary sauce 170/100/60
  29. Chicken wings with tomatoes, mushrooms and rich-flavored zucchini slices 250/50
  30. Potato pancakes with light-salted salmon, quail egg and beads of red caviar in Dutch sauce (served hot) 200
  31. Salmon rolls with mussels and shrimp in red caviar and parmesan flake sauce 210/60
  32. Flambéed scallops (charbroiled scallops with zucchini and piquant roots with an addition of Malibu rum and cream sauce) 100/50
  33. Octopus fricassee 80/30
  34. Light-salted salmon in spicy pancakes in cream sauce served on a bed of lattice and nori 80/30
  35. Soup

  36. Mushroom soup with chicken quenelle 300/15
  37. Prosciutto and mushroom cream soup 250
  38. Spinach cream soup with roasted pine nuts 250
  39. Porcini soup on coconut milk with crab meat and rice noodles 250
  40. Ukrainian borsch with pampushkas and garlic sauce 300/30/15
  41. Princely fish soup on chicken broth with an assortment of sea fish. Served with red caviar. 300/20
  42. Nakhimov spicy solyanka with sturgeon 300/10
  43. Smoked meat solyanka with black olives and capers 300/15
  44. Hot Seafood, Meat and Fish

  45. Tender calf entrecote cured in Provence herbs with almond petals, pine nuts and hazelnut 200/60/20/60
  46. Pork medallions with Parma ham and asparagus in honey cranberry sauce 200/40/60
  47. Tender chicken with broccoli, cauliflower and mashed potatoes with a touch of Tabasco sauce 300/80/100/60
  48. Chicken breast in sesame crust with fresh marmalade and lemon soy sauce 160/60/80
  49. Duck breast with chicory and fruit in orange sauce 150/80/30
  50. Rabbit liver with noisette potatoes 100/100/50
  51. Foie Gras goose liver with brandied pear and raspberry sauce 150/150/75
  52. Sea bass baked in a sea salt crust. Served with a sauce and garnish of choice. 300
  53. Sturgeon stewed in a spicy broth. Served with porcini sauce and potato croquettes 170/100/80
  54. Salmon fillet made to an ancient Japanese recipe served under ginger and shrimp sauce 150/35/50
  55. Pike perch served on a bed of yardlong beans with shrimp and tomatoes 200
  56. Garnish

  57. Home-style fried potatoes with chanterelles 200
  58. Fried potatoes 150
  59. Mashed potatoes with butter 150
  60. Assorted potato croquettes 150
  61. Wild rice stewed in butter 150
  62. Fish fajitas 200
  63. Meat fajitas 200
  64. Sauce

  65. Tartar sauce 50
  66. Dutch sauce 50
  67. Lemon sauce 50
  68. Orange sauce 50
  69. Ginger sauce 50
  70. Guacamole sauce 50
  71. Nut sauce 50
  72. Caviar sauce 50
  73. Crab tail sauce 50
  74. Honey cranberry sauce 50
  75. Raspberry sauce 50
  76. Dessert

  77. Caramel pear (marinated pear, strawberry, ice-cream with a caramel top served with caramel and vanilla sauce) 250
  78. Paradise apple (apples baked with honey, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon). Served with strawberry sauce. 150
  79. Strawberry a la Romanoff served with balsamic sauce and mint 175/85
  80. Classic tiramisu with caramel sauce 150/75
  81. Exotic fruit salad mix with tiny drops of grenadine rum served in a coconut shell 225
  82. Classic assortment of fruit (fresh pineapple, grapes, strawberries and pears) 220
  83. Pineapple top medallions with figs and cottage cheese and strawberry mix 230
  84. Home-Baked Products

  85. Garlic baguette 50
  86. Onion baguette 50
  87. Paprika baguette 50
  88. Whole-rye bun 50
  89. Sesame bun 50
  90. Raisin bun 50

Package offerings:

  • Menu banquet - 250 per person
  • Menu banquet - UAH 350 per person
  • Menu banquet alcohol - UAH 450 per person

Complete offer with prices, can be obtained by e-mail or at a meeting with project manager